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Jackson Pollock MoviePollock - The Movie
Jackson Pollock was a brilliant and troubled artist who is best known for his famous drip paintings. Despite the great success his paintings brought him, few people knew anything about Pollock the man, and so resorted to romanticizing his life. In 2000, the legend of Jackson Pollock was paid tribute with the release of the movie ‘Pollock’ starring Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden. The critically acclaimed biopic chronicled the life of Pollock and gave some insight into the inner demons of a man who battled depression and alcoholism until his death in a tragic car crash. For fans of the artist, the Jackson Pollock movie is a truthful representation of his troubled life. For Ed Harris, who played Pollock, the film project was a labor of love and a personal quest to bring the artist’s life story to the screen.

The Road to the Silver Screen
The idea to make the Jackson Pollock movie came to Ed Harris after receiving a rather strange gift from his father. The elder Mr. Harris thought that Ed bore a striking resemblance to the painter and so felt inclined to give his son a biography of the artist. Ed was quite moved by the apparent resemblance and became fascinated with Pollock’s life. For years, he delved into research and read all that he could find on the great artist in order to learn more about him. He analyzed his paintings and even learned how to paint in his famous style. After much time and consideration, Ed Harris decided to take on the responsibility of not only starring in, but also directing a film version of Jackson Pollock’s life.

Jackson Pollock Movie: Ed Harris and Marcia Gay HardenChronicling the Life of a Genius
In many ways, ‘Pollock’ is a traditional biopic that begins in the year 1941, when Pollock meets Lee Krasner, his later-to-be wife. This fateful meeting eventually propels Pollock to fame and also wins Krasner’s heart. With Krasner’s support and urging, Pollock’s work attracts the attention of critic Clement Greenberg and benefactor Peggy Guggenheim. As Pollock begins the rise to fame, Ed Harris does a masterful job of showing a man who could only find release in his art. He portrays Pollock as a deeply tortured and angry man, prone to severe bouts of alcoholism, depression and violence. Any sense of balance in his life appears to come from his wife, played by Marcia Gay Harden in an Oscar-winning performance. The film implies that his success was largely attributable to his wife’s devotion.


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