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Gallery One: Works until 1946 – Pollock’s early works were influenced by his teacher Thomas Hart Benton. And before he moved to Long Island, a good deal of his paintings were packed, his color use was somber, and the overall mood of the paintings are conflicted and anxious.

The Moon Woman - 1942
The Moon Woman, 1942
SheWolf - 1943
Guardians of The Secret - 1943
Guardians of The Secret

Gallery Two: 1947–1950 – When Pollock and Krasner moved to the Hamptons, his style of painting changed too. The colors changed from somber to bright, his compositions were more open, and he seemed to respond positively to his natural surroundings.

Painting - 1948
Painting, 1948

Gallery Three: Final works from 1951–1956 – In Pollock’s final years, the number of paintings he produced decreased. His most significant piece during this time is Blue Poles, which he created in 1952.

Easter Totem - 1953
Easter Totem
Number 7 - 1951
Number 7

Gallery Four: Untitled’s – Many of Pollock’s works do not have a title or are left undated. He only started dating his pieces in 1949.

Untitled - ca. 1939-40
ca. 1939-40
Untitled - ca. 1941-42
ca. 1941-42
Untitled - ca. 1947
ca. 1947
Untitled - ca. 1951
ca. 1951

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