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Pollock in Print and on Screen

There have been many books and movies centering around the turbulent life of Jackson Pollock. Each one sheds a different light on his life. Below, you’ll find a list of movies and a partial list of books. For a complete list of books about Pollock, go to your nearest book store.


  • Jackson Pollock (1992): A British documentary which examines the life and death of Pollock and his place in the art world.
  • Jackson Pollock – Love and Death on Long Island (1999): This is a 46-minute documentary by the BBC. It includes voiceovers of Pollock and his wife Lee Krasner as well as interviews with poets, friends, biographers and his lover Ruth Kligman.
  • Pollock (2002)Pollock (2002): This film features Ed Harris as Pollock and Marcia Gay Harden as his wife, Lee Krasner.


  • Jackson Pollock – Jazz: Originally released on September 27, 1998. It includes 17 jazz hits from Pollock’s own record collection.
  • Pollock Original Soundtrack: Originally released February 13, 2001.
  • Two Dialogues: Originally released in August of 1996. It includes two dialogues, one with Pollock himself and the second with Mark Miller.


  • The Essential Jackson Pollock: by Justin Spring. Includes reproduction prints and attempts to make the reader understand Pollock and his works.
  • Jackson Pollock: Energy Made VisibleJackson Pollock: The Irascibles and the New York School: by Alfieri Bruno et al. Includes two exhibitions in Italy, one called “Jackson Pollock in Venice” as seen at the Courer show and the second from the Centre Culturale Canadini in Mestre includes works by Krasner, de Kooning, Rothko, and others.
  • Jackson Pollock: by Ellen G. Landau. A biographical-critical study which presents new material as well as re-evaluates old.
  • Love Affair: A Memoir of Jackson Pollock: by Ruth Kligman. Written by Pollock’s mistress/lover.
  • Such Desperate Joy: Imagining Jackson Pollock: by Helen Harrison. A collection of writings, interviews, creative responses and personal revelations – many never before published or long out of print – examines his life, death, and myth.
  • Jackson Pollock: An American Saga: by Steven W. Naifeh. A complete biography of 934 pages, with illustrations.
  • Jackson Pollock: Energy Made Visible: by B.H. Friedman. An illustrated biography.
  • Jackson Pollock: New Approaches: by Kirk Varnedoe. Includes nine critical essays which offers different ways of understanding the man and the art.
  • To a Violent Grave: An Oral Biography of Jackson Pollock: by Jeffrey Potter. Potter knew the artist for seven years on Long Island. He has interviewed over 150 people, including family, art critics, lovers, roommates, and neighbors.
  • Jackson Pollock: Interviews, Articles and Reviews: by Pepe Karmel. Brings together hard to find texts from newspapers, journals and catalogues.


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